London Heart Clinic is led by Dr Syed Ahsan,
an award-winning cardiologist and heart rhythm specialist

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Atrial Fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a form of arrhythmia or heart rhythm disorder...

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Palpitations are a symptom, rather than a single condition in themselves...

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What our patients say

After suffering from a heart condition for a number of years I was very happy to meet Dr Ahsan, from the first consultation where he believed there was a solution I have now completed the surgery and had my final consultation with him today...

North Middlesex Hospital

I am very grateful to have Dr Syed Ahsan as my consultant. Dr Ahsan always greets you warmly on each visit despite his busy workload. Dr Ahsan explains everything clearly and helps you to understand even the most complex medical terms...

Anthony Bartram - St Bartholomew's Hospital

Private cardiologist Dr Syed Ahsan is a Heart Rhythm Specialist at the Barts Heart Centre. He is also an honorary consultant at North Middlesex University Hospital where he treats a wide range of cardiac conditions.

As a heart specialist, Dr Syed Ahsan is highly experienced and routinely implants all types of cardiac pacing and defibrillator devices and performs ablations for arrhythmia using the latest technologies. He also sees and treats patients with blackouts, chest pains and hypertension. Dr Ahsan thoroughly and carefully evaluates all patients he sees. He will consider all the treatment options available and takes the time to explain these to his patients. Patients often describe Dr Ahsan as friendly and reassuring. If you are looking for a private cardiologist in London please contact us to book your appointment.

The London Heart Clinic – led by cardiologist Dr Syed Ahsan - delivers the latest and most effective evidence based treatments at various locations in London and Surrey. Our promise is to deliver the highest quality of care for your health without compromise.

As a heart rhythm specialist, Dr Ahsan sees and treats many different cardiology conditions. If you would like more information on treatments for atrial fibrillation, heart palpitations, atrial flutter, or ectopic heartbeats please contact us to book a consultation.

The London Heart Clinic led by Dr Syed Ahsan is a world class cardiology centre based in the famous Harley Street region with clinics around London for your convenience.

Heart problems can manifest in a variety of ways and we are experts in evaluating the cause of your symptoms, through careful assessment and appropriate testing. You may already have been given a diagnosis and are seeking a second opinion or want a better understanding of the treatment options. You may not have any symptoms, but want an assessment or screening for your heart to prevent problems in the future.

The London Heart Clinic has access to a network of world class specialists who are experts in different areas of cardiology. They work together to ensure that you receive the highest standard of care.

Contact us to book your appointment with the best cardiologists in London.

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