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In the news: Dr Syed Ahsan on the rise of heart attacks in young bankers

In August, both the Independent and the Daily Mail published articles about the increase in the number of bankers under the age of forty being admitted to hospital with heart complaints. The growing concern amongst cardiologists, including Dr Syed Ahsan, is that young bankers in their twenties and thirties are being worked tirelessly, to the extent that their health is being compromised.

The Independent wrote, ‘Despite the recent efforts of big banks to reduce the working hours of their employees, Dr Syed Ahsan, a cardiologist with a clinic in Canary Wharf, said he hasn’t seen evidence of change.’

Both media outlets also make references to a ‘culture of illegal drug taking’ which cardiologists further see as cause for the rise in heart issues.

‘He was using increasing amounts of cocaine working 12 to 14 hour a day, barely sleeping and he came in with episodes of blacking out and palpitations.’ Dr Ahsan is quoted in the Daily Mail.

Much more needs to be done and employers should be held accountable to support these young professionals by protecting them from stressful working conditions, exhaustion and substance abuse.

Read the full articles in the Daily Mail UK and The Independent.

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