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Dr Ahsan is a cardiologist recommended to us because he worked south of the Thames as well as in the north, and I can’t think that there is a better doctor. From the very beginning, he showed great interest in my wife’s problems, spent much time in his diagnosis, and then took great care to ensure not only my wife but all my family knew exactly what the problem was. He filled us all with great confidence and his dedication to her and to ensure that we all not only understood the problems but were ourselves coping with the strain of them. His patience and dedication were unbelievable and in my experience, despite being very busy, his patience with all of us could not have been exceeded. His operation passed smoothly and had the desired effect and I have no doubt has prolonged my wife’s life. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody needing a cardiologist. A very fine, caring and skilled man

Spire St Anthony's Hospital

Mr Ahsan has been my conultant for three years. I have always found him to be kind, compassionate and patient. He was particularly patient (as was the whole yeam) when Ichanged my mind about my procedure at the eleventh hour. In each consultation I have never felt rushed. He explains things carefully and, if required, in detail. He is accessible and has always listened to me and answered all of my questions.

St Bartholomew's Hospital

Dr. Syed Ahsan looked after me in 2015/early 2016 when I was diagnosed with atrial flutter. He had a very calming influence, explained everything in great detail, was always happy to answer questions, both in person and by e-mail and has an extremely pleasant, caring attitude. He carried out a cardiac ablation at The Wellington in August 2015 and this procedure was completely successful.

I cannot recommend him more highly and, in fact, have recently suggested a friend saw him and she, too, was completely happy with his care.

My husband likes to accompany me to appointments and, like me, he was also impressed by Dr. Ahsan’ friendly approach, particularly as at that time a close friend was dying and he always remembered to ask how things were. This may sound like a small thing but it all makes a difference when you have health concernsyourself.

To sum up I cannot recommend Dr. Syed Ahsan more highly than I have tried to convey.

BMI The Cavell Hospital

I saw Dr Ahsan at St Anthony’s Hospital following a referral from my GP as I had an irregular heart beat and associated problems. Dr Ahsan listened carefully to all I said and explained in detail what he thought the problem was and his proposed plan of action. He was prepared to spend as long as I needed to understand what he was saying. After various tests he decided I needed surgery and very quickly arranged for me to se a colleague of his , An excellent Surgeon, who very soon carried out a double Heart bypass , from which I quickly recovered. I am currently seeing Dr Ahsan for follow up treatment and couldn’t be happier with the care I have received

Spire St Anthony's Hospital

Dr Ahsan has a distinctive and rare combination of qualities. He is highly skilled technically and is a talented cardiologist working at the cutting edge of his specialty. He demonstrates an astute attentiveness and has a gentle manner. He is very perceptive, calm and considerate. He conveys a quiet confidence in that he is both open minded but clear minded.

He is approachable, available when needed, and responsive to emails/calls. He explains the rationale for his decisions in a way that is easily accessible; nothing seems too much for him. He gives the feeling that he has the time to consider all the relevant issues. For these reasons, I trust his judgement implicitly and would unreservedly recommend him to colleagues or friends.

As a health professional myself, I have assessed many people and trained many doctors. In my opinion, he is an exceptional clinician and his practice is extraordinary . As far as I am concerned, he has managed my situation impeccably and I cannot fault it. What is just so impressive is his sound, supportive and appropriately optimistic management when things are perhaps not going as well as one might like. This is extremely reassuring as he appreciates the necessity of integrating the psychological aspects of care with the physical problems. He treats members of his team with respect and is remarkably unassuming.

To summarize, I would describe Dr Ahsan as an outstanding clinician who has helped to restore my confidence and transformed how I was feeling in many respects. This has re-affirmed my belief in the potential of medicine, in the power of the right word at the right time, and in the value of kindness.

The Wellington Hospital

I have had heart problems since the age of 16 (I am now 28) since then, I have seen numerous cardiologist, from all around the country. Dr Ahsan, has by far, been the best cardiologist I have seen. For many reasons:

1) He really listens
2) He genuinely cares – not only about the problem you have gone to see him about, but about your health in general.

3) He works magic! I have reflex anoxic seizures when I have my blood taken, and therefore, have avoided having my blood taken for years. I have for a long time said that I think gas and air would allow me to have my blood taken without a seizure, to which every other doctor/nurse/cardiologist has said this is not possible. Dr Ahsan, however, used all his networks to find somewhere that would do this for me.

4) He gives you the best care: I am used to having heart monitors attached that have cables all over the place, and are very uncomfortable. However, Dr Ahsan immediately gave me a 14 day heart monitor which was just a small waterproof sticker! He also asked for all my previous tests and correspondence to review – all very thorough.

5) He is very amicable: I think that often, doctors can be so wrapped up in science, they forget how to communicate properly and be personable. This is where I found Dr Ahsan to be particularly unique – he has great communication skills, yet still has all the medical knowledge.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Dr Ahsan. My mother (who is a nurse) would also highly recommend him – which is a massive compliment coming from her! I’m afraid I don’t have any comments to improve his care, in my opinion, my experience with Dr Ahsan was flawless.

BMI Hendon Hospital

great manner, takes time to listen to you, and very thoughtful and caring.

St Bartholomew's Hospital